The zJack
"Gotta problem? I can fix it!"

One of the techno-junkies haunting the sordid underbelly of the zGames, the Freaker is dangerously adept at on-the-fly modifications of zGear.

Humans have always loved technology, but some have an overriding fetish for it. Freakers are the techno otaku that epitomize the do-it-yourself attitude by constantly inventing, adapting, and hybridizing their collection of gadgets and equipment. They generally relate to hardware better than they do to other people, which makes them social misfits and at a loss in any situation or conversation that doesn't involve technology. Exceptions exist, mostly career military engineers or charismatic inventors, but by and large Freakers get along better with their machines better than with actual humans.

Usually Freakers specialize in a certain type of tech, like Artifex, vehicles, communications media tech, space stations, etc. Freakers that focus on Z-G combat gear are known as zJACKs, and it is they who many fighters rely on to upgrade and repair their zGear. Some fight in the ZGXL themselves, relying on their techno-savvy to surprise opponents and win the day.

Because of their obsessive nature, Freakers generally maintain a network of like-minded Freakers. Clubs gather regularly to show off new inventions, and the competition can be intense. Status amongst Freaker technology factions is determined by the difficulty and ingenousness of their latest piece of tech.  A high-status Freaker usually gains access to all sorts benefits, including the right to call in favors from other Freakers or sponsorship and gizmos from tech Consortia or even the military.

Syndic Champion:
 Rosie Thorne, zJACK Krewegirl

Rosie never met a piece of zGear she didn't like nor did she ever see one she couldn't improve. A mainstay of the official ZGXL circuit, Rosie is a top-notch zJACK who has made her fortune maintaining and upgrading zGear for top fighters like Mumbo Jumbo, Midas the Sun King, the King of Skrags, and many others. She specializes in state-of-the-art zGear, and is known for being able to tune the top of the line equipment to perform beyond factory specifications.

Recently Rosie has begun to fight in matches herself, using highly modified Arena elements to surprise and take down opponents. Her deadly use of mobile-platform mounted Turrets has leveled many arenas and match opponents with it, and the number of rose-and-thorn stamps on her Arena gear have multiplied. Also, she plans to bring some new zGear of her own invention to market in the 2110 holiday season.

Freaker Strongpoints:
Hack 2100 Mediazine (Solar System medianet),
The Pit Garage and Club (Asteroid Belt),
Akihabara Orbital (Earth Orbit),
Moon Base Alpha Industry District (Luna)

Freaker Headquarters:

Technopolis Consumer Show (annual convention held at Moon Base Alpha Center)

Sphere of Operations
Freakers can be found everywhere in the Solar system, from the inner planets to the outer Grange. Their skills for repairing, inventing, and improvising are needed by nearly everyone at one time or another, and so Freakers lead an itinerant life from freelance job to contract work. Some Freakers are permanent employees of the EGS, the Armada, Cestus, Vanguard, various Consortia, other Syndics or just private citizens. These types are usually looked down on by 'free' Freakers because they have given up their freedom to invent and improvise in exchange for security - that is, unless they work in black-clearance research labs. These kinds of Freakers are held in awe by others, and constantly pestered to tell what they are working on - which they can't.

Relations Analysis

Hostile: Monzon Ezut, Mummer, Omniclone
Rival: Cartel, Exarch, Paragon, Solon, Terran

Friendly: Androgyne, Armada, Avatar, Cestus, Exotic, Lunar, Mavryk, Orbital, Skrag, Sleeper, Trancer, Vanguard

Ally: Consortium, Null Foundation, Protostar, Savant, Thesper, Virago

Power Levels (1-10) 

EGS Influence: 6

Firepower: 6

Respect: 4

Renown: 4

Syndic Drives: Force, Heart, Reason
Syndic Flaws: Obsession, Reckless, Stubborn
Syndic Skills: Alertness, Engineer, Pilot

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