The Smuggler
"It'll cost you."

This dealer in contraband jockeys between Earth, Orbit and the Grange, defying the EGS' agents... for a price.

No one gets around more in the Solar System than a Mavryk. These colorful characters are part space trucker, part buccaneer, and part smuggler, plying interplanetary space in ships as small as a scout or as large as a freighter fleet. Some Mavryks earn their keep as honest transporters of goods for the EGS and Consortia, while others conduct shady contraband smuggling operations between Earth and the Grange. Perhaps it is the long hours spent alone in the Void, but all Mavryks seem a bit unbalanced, always looking to go faster and risk everything for the big payoff.

Mavryks usually start off at the bottom of the delivery ladder - as package couriers on Komets. This can become a lucrative business for individuals who take on risky (or illegal) packages, and the eventual goal is to upgrade to a real transport ship, one that can tow one or more of the standard cargo containers used throughout the System. Besides merchant traffic, Mavryks who are particularly fond of risks go for transport-fighters and take commissions from the EGS to waylay and salvage pirates, political enemies of the EGS, or criminal ships. Then again, an equal number of Mavryks use specially modified suped-up stealth smuggler ships to take questionable passengers and cargo anywhere in the System, no questions asked.

Many waystations cater to the Mavryk traffic, serving as overnight pit stops and repair depots for them to rest and relax before resuming their haul. Every need the weary traveler could have is catered to, the farther from the EGS, the wilder the place and more exotic the needs that can be met. Mavryks are a wild bunch, prone to boasting and fighting, but an unspoken code exists when they are blasting through the Void - no matter what, a Mavryk always helps another Mavryk out of a jam. The danger and loneliness of their job has forged a certain amount of loyalty - no one else knows what it's like spending day after day in the depths of space, with the possible exception of Armada warship crews and Exiles with nowhere else to go.

There is an ongoing rivalry between Mavryk and Armada pilots as to who can make certain distance runs the fastest or who can pull off the most stunning display of skill. Many locations, especially in the Asteroid Belt, hold impromptu competitions when the two Syndics happen to meet. Challenges between Armada pilots and Mavryks on leave in bars and canteens have resulted in spectacular races, some even covered by the media. Armada forces are always on the lookout for smugglers, and there are many long-lasting feuds between wily Mavryk smugglers and Armada ship captains based on quarry and prey encounters over the years.

Mavryk Strongpoints: 

Belle's Space Trucker Pit Stop and Canteen (Asteroid Belt),
Terminus Station (Earth orbit),
Interplanetary Shipping Unlimited Central Distribution Hub (Mars orbit),
Elite Courier Express (Spain, Earth),
Nemesis Station (Sun orbit),
The Last Stop Pleasure Station (Pluto orbit)

Mavryk Headquarters
: The pilot cabin of their Komet, spacetruck, or transport ship.

Sphere of Operations
: Mavryks can be found anywhere in the Solar System, transporting goods or passengers. Official trade routes that are patrolled by the Armada are not always the fastest, so desperate or reckless Mavryks sometimes use quicker routes, exploiting the gravity wells of planets to get their cargo to its destination faster. This runs the risk of encountering pirates, Scourge vessels, and other threats, of course, but that kind of trouble is all in a day's work to a Mavryk.

Relations Analysis
Hostile: Monzon Ezut, Mummer, Omniclone, Savant, Solon, Terran

Rival: Armada, Cestus, Paragon, Protostar, Thesper, Vanguard
Friendly: Androgyne, Avatar, Consortium, Exarch, Lunar, Null Foundation, Orbital, Skrag
, Sleeper
Ally: Cartel, Exotic, Freaker, Trancer, Virago

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 2

Firepower: 5

Respect: 6

Renown: 6

Syndic Drives: Cool, Resolve, Wits

Syndic Flaws: Reckless, Stubborn, Vengeance
Syndic Skills: Pilot, Savvy, Stealth

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