The Mutant
"Swifter, Stronger, Smarter!!"

A true genetic freak, the Exotic has been artificially modified, making him far stronger, faster, and deadlier than a normal human. They are tolerated, but never accepted.

As humanity scatters farther from Earth, two drives have caused pioneers and iconoclasts to use "wetware" technologies (bioengineering, genetic manipulation, submolecular pharmaceuticals) to change their bodies: the need to adapt to the Void and the need to differentiate from "standard" human form. Exotics are Grangers who have lived a generation or more in the deep Solar System, in the process re-creating themselves and their progeny to better survive in the post-gravity world of the farthest planets. They have made themselves faster, stronger, and tougher than normal humans, and have often modified their nervous systems and brain to be smarter as well.

The general rule for Exotic appearance and behavior is that there are no rules. The post-human imagination has brought a myriad of forms to the human body, some differing from the norm only in skin color or ear shape, some going so far as to abandon any semblance of vertebrate structure. In general, the appearance of an Exotic is mostly due to their environment, with minor adjustments to color and shape made for aesthetic reasons. Beauty in the Grange is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Exotics have a thriving economy in bio-pharmaceuticals and genetic manipulation technology. The conservative citizens of the EGS have outlawed most research in these fields, but in the far-flung Grange the Exotics proceed to solve the puzzles of life itself. Labs and hothouse stations are scattered from the Asteroid belt as far as the Oort cloud, with Exotic personnel endlessly experimenting on plants, animals, and themselves. Some Exotics style themselves body sculptors, their artworks being not merely animated tattoos but the flesh of enthusiastic fans itself.

The shadow-side of Exotic experimentation lives up to the worst nightmares of normal EGS Citizens. Human experimentation on slaves and the creation of horrors in bioweapon research also thrive in far-flung, secret waystations. Lurid examples of insane Virago abattoirs, Oort pirate gene-slave dens, and military bioweapons gone berserk overshadow the good that most Exotics do. Some people even blame the Scourge on Exotic experimentation.

Syndic Champion:
Blur, Posthuman Warrior
Renowned for his streak of undefeated matches in the ZGXL Darkside Arena, Blur personifies the way the Exotics might just leave normal humanity behind. He is swifter, stronger, and smarter than most of his opponents and never hesitates to rub this fact in their faces as he trounces them in match after match. Though others used to dub him a freak (and some still do), his record speaks for itself, and his stardom hasn't yet peaked. Even, so Blur is a relatively close human analog, differing only in his internal wetware enhancements and some cosmetic changes, like skin color, ears, and other minor differences. Because of this, other Exotics farther out in the Grange consider him a "lightweight" and he gets little respect from them. He has been approached by the Posthuman Resistance Front and the Church of the Immaculate Exotic, but so far has not publicly allied himself with their causes. He says he prefers beating up "throwbacks" close and personal.

Exotic Strongpoints:
NeuYou Clinic (Asteroid Belt)
Cephalopod Station (Oort Cloud)
Exotic Pharmaceuticals AG (Darkside Station, Luna)
Skyside Station (Jupiter orbit)
Posthuman Resistance Front (Uranus orbit)
Church of the Immaculate Exotic (Saturn orbit)

Exotic Headquarters: 
Exotic Pharmaceuticals AG (Darkside Station, Luna)

Sphere of Operations
Exotics travel freely in the Grange, but face bigotry and racism in EGS territory, so few are seen there. The exception to this is the Exotic Pharmaceuticals AG, which maintains a vast complex of labs and an extensive network of research and production facilities in Darkside Station at Luna. Exotics seeking personal alteration can easily find clinics and labs in the Asteroid belt, but for more radical wetware services or products one must search farther out.

Relations Analysis 

Hostile: Armada, Monzon Ezut, Solon, Terran 

Rival: Avatar, Cestus, Paragon, Omniclone, Savant, Thesper, Vanguard 

Friendly: Cartel, Consortium, Exarch, Freaker, Lunar, Mavryk, Mummer, Orbital, Protostar, Sleeper, Skrag
Ally: Androgyne, Null Foundation, Trancer, Virago

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 1
Firepower: 6
Respect: 6
Renown: 4

Syndic Drives: Cool, Heart, Resolve 

Syndic Flaws: Despair, Fear, Shame
Syndic Skills: Body, Martial-Z, Stealth

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