Armada Scrambles to Intercept Rogue Cab

"I totally saw the Armada shooting from Terminus today... They blew up that guy's car like right there."
-Erica Sandal

Few would question the Armada's protective envelope around Venus these days, but we can easily forget that the lion lives at home too. Today a rarely witnessed fleet action was seen right on our doorstep here at Terminus. A speeding BlackCab was detected at 03:34 GMT on an unfiled flight plan towards Earth. It did not respond to Terminus flight control messages or Armada warning shots. At 04:00, the SkyCar and an unknown number of crew were shot down as they entered Terminus airspace. Terminus Sweepers were dispatched to deal with a large amount of debris. An estimate of fatalities is expected within the week. Any information about this incident will be rewarded ¢150 via the Solon anonymous tip line.
This is Tomo McKnight, ENN Terminus Station


Vanguard Induction Ceremonies to be Held Despite Dust Storms.

17:34 EDT Camp Thermidor, Mars.

The Polemarch declared late monday morning that Legion "Hotel" Vanguard induction ceremonies will not be delayed despite the worst spring Dust Storm since the founding of the Camp Thermidor in 2021. Weather and Rad alerts have plagued settlements all over Mars due to numerous S4 solar events over the last 65 sols. Power and information blackouts are common during this high energy solar events, but the hardy Martians have yet to see a global GDP loss. Regionally, things are not so rosy. Both polar mines have been under lockdown for nearly an entire martian year. No information is known about their situation, but an aide from the Office of Martian Affairs in the EGS maintains that the official position is that
"Conditions are nominal, and no further speculation will be entertained."


Untitled Text

If you're getting this message, then can i hav ur bandwidth? The denial of service attack that started two weeks ago is only now starting to clear in the biggest networks. Been raking the spam out of my inbox for a week now. Despite essential services coming back online a few hours after the "accident," vid channels and friend location networks are STILL DOWN!!

Come clean, EGS, the so called "asteroid strike" was no doubt actually a new weapon test by the Monzonz that backfired. My friend Ersatz says he SAW a monzon on a strecher out in storage six and I heard on Cband that dozens of fresh launchies were lost in the decompression because they weren't wearing their ulsters. And if you think that this choad-load Mummer spam and the endless twisted spools of santo ASTAN(boooring) were uploaded by a bunch of homeless religious infectoids...

It is obviously a clever false flag operation by Solonz to obfuscate the fact that the Terminus network infrastructure is overloaded and out of date. They'll never silence the voices of the exiles! Yo buy my new single featuring MelTz and Celeria Cambrian!! and check out my new +++GiggaD+++ megadose vitamin supplements!!

Shreeker Screed, Unet Terminus Station


Contamination Scare Snarls Traffic at Terminus

Late friday night a stationwide DCon was issued on Terminus Station.  The alarm was triggered by an asteroid strike on Storage Six, a supply depot that integrated two and a half years ago.  DCon teams were quick on the scene to rescue a BlackCab that had been passing through the interconnect at the time.  Early reports from terminus locals said there were injuries on the scene and a broken bulkhead, but DCon has not issued a statement about contamination or the status of the injured people, only that station service is to be restored to Storage Six by the end of the week.  Traffic attempting the counterspin loop has been authorized to detour through Residential 6-5.
This is Tomo McKnight, ENN from Terminus Station


Shadowleague ZG Vandals Ejected from EGS

In a startling early morning raid on ZG Arc8 colo in El Segundo, CA, USA a Shadowleague cell was identified and EGS issued Exile notice to all relations of the three online participants and thirty five recorded past users.   No further arrests are expected said the El Segundo Solon Captain Richard Dega, "These kids aren't talking and this type of cell is hard to crack, but we have our best Freakers tearing down the server and they can't hide their tracks from us."
Onivia Watts, ENN USA


100 Years in the Future . . .

Exactly one hundred years in the future...

The planet Earth, orbital stations, and penal colony of Luna are dominated by the tyrannical Earth Gravity Sphere. All who defy the EGS' rule, even the young, are exiled to the far reaches of the solar system - the frontier known as the GRANGE. Though separated by millions of miles of space, EXILE and CITIZEN come together to clash in the wildly popular Z-G tournaments. Who will win at Dark Side Station and lead the exiles to freedom?

One hundred years in the future, the tyrannical Earth Gravity Sphere dominates the planet Earth, the penal colony of Luna, and the Orbital stations. They don’t want you anymore. Earth is too full of people for anyone to get a second chance, no matter how young, no matter how small the crime. Neither wealth, nor privilege, nor merit will save you. Your homeworld is not your home anymore. You are outcast, an Exile. And you may never, ever return to Earth.

Yet along with this bitter punishment comes the call to adventure. The whole of the Solar System is open to you now, and with danger comes possibility. The Grange is not kind to neonates; there are myriad perils to face. But with survival comes power. Out here in the darkness of space, a person can achieve greatness. No dream is too great to fill the cosmic void. Recently, in the shadow of mighty Saturn, these Exiles have given birth to a new sport, a new passion, a new form of the ancient and terrible art of war. There is no law out here other than that of the gun. “Krewes” of well-armed zGladiators battle one another for control and dominance. Too brash to know fear, with reflexes fast enough to adapt to the newest technologies, it is the young who fight. Earth still has a mighty pull, and its fascination with the spectacle provides the victors with a rich bounty of spoils – war has become a ratings game, and lucre is the reward. These young warriors have become heroes in a game of power and politics that could well alter the fate of the human race itself. The Exiles fight for their freedom, and the freedom of the whole human race! Gearing up with the latest weapons, armor, and equipment, the Exiles take their struggle to the Z-G arenas, where only the skillful and lucky rise to the top.

And all you can think about is surviving your next battle . . .