Space Rat Infestation Discovered in Lunar Orbit

“Those with free seats are the first to throw rotten fruit.”
— Barnibus Bailey, Hero of the Grange Wars

Disaster ships have been a NEWS OF THE GRANGE theme for a long time, but what about Garbage ships? Out in lunar orbit a long time married couple (both well-paid Consortium Proxies) were ordered out of their threemodule ship by the Armada because of the mess. Trash was so heavy that walls had separated from ceilings; Artifex cleanup crews had to cut their way through at some places to get to some of the garbage; feral cats and rats (a nest in one airlock, propped open no less, where one rodent weighing nearly 3 pounds) ran wild. As she witnessed the cleanup, the wife moaned that she was losing “everything that was precious to me.” One Armada officer mentioned off the record that increasing numbers of gravity humpers were coming into space with absolutely no idea of what they were doing.
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neuTOPIA 2101AD

“We are too rich to struggle, too bored to care, too haunted to dare again. Your struggles, Exile, are our struggles, the virulent reverse image of our entertainment. Both our heroes and villians, you conquer the distant night. The Grange is desolate, but never lonely. We are always with you . . . Can I pay to watch you dream?"