Monzon Ezut

The Agent
"Dedication, Perseverance, Domination."

The dreaded secret police of the EGS, Monzon spymasters enforce the Zero Tolerance Laws throughout the Solar System, but especially on Earth.

Intelligence has long been the prerequisite for political, economic, and social control. In the Earth Gravity Sphere the Monzon Ezut fulfills this role to an extent only dreamed of by totalitarian regimes of the past. Their official mission is to gather information overtly and covertly from everywhere humanity has expanded, from the Sun to the Oort Cloud, and analyze that information to present reports to the Senate on Diadar. In practice, the Monzon Ezut is one of the most powerful and feared military forces in the Solar System, operating in the shadowy world of espionage, assassination, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and covert, black, and wet ops.
The majority of known Monzon Ezut are information analysts employed at the agency’s public offices on Diadar. Supporting them are an unknown number of special agents who work in the field to gather human intelligence and engage in other more secret activities. Special Agents of the Monzon Ezut are culled from the Armada, Cestus, and Vanguard services, and from civilian positions on the basis of unknown criteria. Training is secretive and (it is said) involves not just combat and spycraft, but memory implantation, psychic boosting, and surgical modification. Sometimes a prospective agent is not even aware of their recruitment throughout their entire career. Paranoia is cultivated among analysts and agents, and many in the Monzon Ezut suspect their memories have been altered, or even replaced. Though the official budget of the Monzon Ezut is nearly equal to that of the Solons, it is well known that they supplement their income with a variety of black market financial operations. Secret labs and factories, in addition to classified projects undertaken by public companies hired and sworn to secrecy, supply a variety of specialized technology, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, and weapons systems to Special Agents. Some are so exotic as to provide the reality behind Grange rumors of ghost ships and wild rumors of space monsters and Void terrors. The Monzon Ezut has become so influential that they have only a limited accountability to the EGS government, and no one really knows what
their real objectives are. Key members of the Sentate and influential politicos of Earth know the Monzon Ezut have scandalous information and that they won’t hesitate to use to discredit or Exile any that oppose them. The Monzon Ezut are known by insiders to be violently opposed to the Null Foundation and its goals, as well as the immortal Virago and the Mummers infected by the Scourge.

Syndic Champion
Lt. Damien (which may or may not be his real name) first found himself fighting in a Shadow League match quite by accident. Pursuing an escaped informant, the best opportunity to capture her presented itself during the match itself, and the crowd nearly tore him and his target to bits before he escaped – after defeating all zFighters in the arena with pinpoint deactivation blows and strange prototype Monzon Ezut-issued weapons. He seems to have developed a taste for the sport and continues to fight in Shadow League circuits, though many suspect there is an ulterior motive to his fighting.
Monzon Ezut Strongpoints:
MAJESTIC Training Base (Neptune)
Intelligence Network Node 542 (Jupiter)
URIEL Research and Development Lab (Charon, Mars)
OBLAGON Observatory Complex (Oort Cloud)

Monzon Ezut Headquarters: Intelligence Network Center (Diadar, Antarctica, Earth)

Sphere of Operations
The intelligence gathering activities of the Monzon Ezut extend throughout the Solar system, though they are concentrated most heavily in EGS space. Teams of Special Agents are able to infiltrate nearly any installation, organization, or group. Rumors mention extra-solar missions to Orion and other deep space activities, though it is impossible to confirm or deny such reports.

Relations Analysis
Hostile: Mummer, Null Foundation, Omniclone, Thesper, Trancer, Virago
Rival: Cartel, Exotic, Lunar, Mavryk, Paragon, Skrag, Terran
Friendly: Androgyne, Avatar, Consortium, Exarch, Freaker, Protostar, Orbital, Sleeper
Ally: Armada, Cestus, Savant, Solon, Vanguard

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 6
Firepower: 6
Respect: 6
Renown: 6

Psych Profile
Syndic Drives: Ambition, Reason, Wits
Syndic Flaws: Fear, Obsession, Shame
Syndic Skills: Command, Martial-Z, Savvy

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