Rush Hour Crash

“If I can’t win, at least I’m going to make sure the other guy loses. And that’s as true out of the Z-G Arena as in.”
— Barnibus Bailey, Commissioner of the ZGXL

neu New York, 7:18 a.m. EST August 8th, 2101
A 41-year-old businessman died last night after the skycar in which he was traveling from his home in Orbit to his work in New York City below collided with another Skycar on its way up. Authorities believe that the driver of a Ford Orbit Ranger vehicle had overrided the Artifex and taken over the controls himself. He was traveling in the wrong lane, was ignoring all commands of the Armada traffic interdiction officers, and zoomed past the first watch point without authorization. After the two vehicles crashed, the man’s Skycar fell 12 miles into the Atlantic Ocean.

While they could not stop the freefall, Rescue officials were on the scene when the car entered the water and were able to prevent it from submerging. However the driver was already dead (and is expected to have at least 1 year of reconditioning). They confirm that a man was discovered in the car.

Police say that another man was taken to NYU Hospital and was hospitalized overnight. Investigators are trying to determine who was driving at the time of the accident and what might have caused the fatal crash.
“Its getting crazy out there. At morning rush hour it looks like it’s raining there are so many ships coming down from orbit. They’ve got to do something to stop this mayhem. All these suburbanites are clouding up the sky!”
says Linker personality, Von Diego.
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