The Chameleon
"My masque is my weapon."

Dual-Sex Neubreeds, these beings haunt the shady edges of earth's nightsides. With their dimorphic minds and bodies they are everyone's perfect companion, but one can never truly know them.

As the privileged of Earth searched for greater and more refined pleasures, a caste of specialized companions emerged to serve a market so jaded that a new kind of being was needed to satisfy their tastes. The Androgyne are those who have trained and altered themselves in the ancient tradition of geisha, houris, and tantrikas to be the perfect objects of human beauty and desire. All too often, becoming perfection leaves the Androgyne alienated from real feeling. Can a being of unsurpassed beauty and grace ever know if it is truly loved for hirself and not hir looks and charm?

The Androgyne have paid a price for the body-alteration that enables them to change gender at will (it takes about 12 hours to go from one gender to the other). Though they are desired and well paid by the wealthy in the EGS and beyond, they are also ostracized because of their posthuman bodies. For conservatives among humanity, they are no longer human but repellant freaks, biological experiments gone awry. Androgyne are sterile, and once the process of Androgynization is complete, it is irreversible. Besides the obvious physical advantages the Androgyne have in the arts of love, they form a loose guild with a curriculum of instruction in the arts of conversation, music, poetry, dance, singing, calligraphy, art, cooking, and etiquette. Another large part of their training involves psychology and therapeutic techniques. Any one Androgyne may or may not have been trained, but those who have command the highest "companion gift," the daily fee charged to receive the attentions of a professional Androgyne entertainer. Most believe in the superiority of the "Floating World," an idealized notion of jet-setting privilege without care for any life-or-death problems or political involvements comfort and pleasure are the only realities. Androgyne bask in the attention of anyone who can pay their price, and many have become Solar-System-wide luminaries. Ten percent of all media superstars are Androgyne.

Syndic Champion: 
Ibix Qui

Born on Earth with stars in hir eyes, the person who became Ibix Qui took hir Exile letter as a note of opportunity to transform hirself into a media god/dess. After the treatments at the Venusian Clinic, Ibix took the role of pop idol and rocked her way across the Solar System. S/he has added ZGXL battles to hir tour schedule, and draws crowds of fans to her Solar Battle League matches.

Androgyne Strongpoints: 

The Globe Theater (Earth),
The Venusian Clinic (Orbital),
Darkside Station (Luna Orbit),
Belle's Space Trucker Pit Stop and Canteen (Asteroid Belt),
Ukiyo (Floating World)
Ultralux Hotels (10 locations throughout the System)

Base of Operations: 
The Venusian Clinic, Earth Orbit

Sphere of Operations: 
Androgyne exist wherever there is desire and the credits to pay for their attention. Some are employed by various agencies to spy for governmental or corporate reasons, though this activity earns an Androgyne scorn for dirtying their hands in politics. The Venusian Clinic, an Earth orbital, is the center of Androgynization and boasts one of the best-known human reproduction clinics as well.

Relations Analysis:
Hostile: Savant, Skrag, Solon, Omniclone 

Rival: Lunar, Monzon Ezut, Mummer, Null Foundation, Sleeper
Friendly: Armada, Cartel, Cestus, Exotic, Freaker, Mavryk, Protostar, Orbital, Paragon, Terran, Thesper, Vanguard 

Ally: Avatar, Consortium, Exarch, Trancer, Virago

Power Levels (1-10) 

EGS Influence: 2 

Firepower: 1 

Respect: 5
Renown: 8

Syndic Drives: Heart, Verve, Wits
Syndic Flaws: Arrogance, Despair, Shame
Syndic Skills: Body, Glam, Trance

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