Character: Vaugn

Background, Private/OOC: Male, Swedish, Trancer

Background, Public/IC: Male, Swedish, Trancer

Mode Deck:
Primary Design Card: Trancer
Secondary Design Card: Expert Fighter
Tertiary Design Card: Heart

Maneuvers: cosmic trance

Goals:(* current goal)
*Learn the hard way

Basic Green Reflex Ulster
Basic Green Feet
Basic Green Spacewing Backgear


Character: Kleer - mentat with a mission

Background, Private/Out of Character : - - - - - - - - -
born on 2092 July 9th (17 years old)

Altruistic in nature and has history of independent thinking
and erratic behavior. Born and educated on Terminus Station.
Educated by accelerated measures especially in areas of melee.
Has had bio-modifications made in order to boost his ability to
store and access information in his mind. Has a love/hate
relationship with datanets. He wishes more beings would use
their own mind to store their most important information instead
of relying on technology so much, but he benefits from accessing
datanets more than the average humanoid.

Believes there is no such thing as a stupid question.
Believes all searches for knowledge are honorable regardless of
subject matter. Has come to believe through years of experience
that by helping others one creates the greatest opportunities to
learn new information. Believes taking things apart and putting
them back together is necessary to fully understand how something
works and how it can be improved. Has a large distrust for the EGS
(Earth Gravity Sphere) due to discovering their attempts to cover
up the truth surrounding specific historical and local events.

Background, Public/In Character: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
183 cm (6 ft.) tall, 109 kg (240 lbs.), black, male

appears to be around 17-19 years old

Asks a lot of questions and shows a desire to help others even
if they've had a history of being hostile toward him. Tends to
surf any available datanet system looking for information related
to situations he and his group is in. Likes to work through all
possibilities before making decisions - this sometimes slows
down group decisions.

Has joined a group of Earth exiles on September 3, 2109 during
their temporary stay on Terminus Station.

Likes to fix/modify things - especially zGear/weapons.

Mode Deck Cards - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Primary: (1st slot) : Drive - REASON
Secondary: (2nd slot) : Syndic : SAVANT - MENTAT : Alertness, Engineer, Savvy
Tertiary: (3rd slot) : EXPERT DUELIST (melee expert)
Quaternary: (4th slot) : Syndic : FREAKER - zJACK : Alertness, Engineer, Pilot
(my REASON card allows for a 4th slot)

Maneuvers: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
melee : LUNGE!!
alertness : HIT THE DECK!!

GOALS: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
CURRENT GOAL : gain the "DEATH FROM ABOVE!!" pilot maneuver

other maneuver goals:
melee maneuver : RIPOSTE!!
melee maneuver : EXPERT BLOCK!!
engineer maneuver : HOTSHOT!!
engineer maneuver : JURY RIG!! (needs to trade cards to pick this one up)
engineer maneuver : SUPERCHARGE!! (needs to trade cards to pick this one up)

short term goals:
***gain more zGear and boost them with LODES

long term goal:
***establish a center of education/datanet for Earth exiles. It appears
Terminus Station would make the best location for the main center.
Determine if other exile-oriented edu-datanet centers would be
needed at other locations throughout the solar system.

other goals related to long term goal :
***learn more about the exiled life by helping a group of exiles
accomplish their goals

***investigate LUNAR Rebels to see if their cause against the EGS
will give access to more information helpful to building an education
center. Determine if building an edu-center/datanet within their
information system is possible. Being a FREAKER might overcome
any LUNAR Rebel hostility towards Kleer being a SAVANT.

***win Z-G tournaments to collect enough credits to build a
edu-center/datanet for Earth exiles. Might have to enter and
win the final tournament of the ZGXL to accomplish
this goal. Winning the final tournament would likely open
numerous opportunities for the edu-center/datanet to
become a reality.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

accomplished goals :
>> became a FREAKER (pilot / zGear modifier)

accomplishments / lessons learned :
>> fixed a broken shotgun the group picked up during an asteroid skirmish

>> learned how important the ULSTER is in Z-G combat - since a penetration
hit to his ULSTER took him down quickly during arcade Z-G combat

>> resuscitated DUKES from a near death experience

>> fixed the broken robot pilot that DUKES attacked only to see it broken
again right after repairing it

zGear : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Inventory : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
credits : 228
medic pack (picked up from the taxi/DUKES fiasco)
tools for fixing/modifying zGear & robots

character signals :

Z-G character signals - for Kleer

Ken Ichijo - Paragon Cypher

Age: 15

Paragon Elite

Expert Scout

Ambush!! x1


Kronos Assault Ulster

ABSA 291 Z-Buckler




Movement & ZG

This section will discuss movement.
At it's basic level, you just lay down the number of cards you have in the movement stat on the card. You must follow the turn order of (4) Move then (5) Attack. Place them one at a time and you can't "take it back" once you set it down. When you move up onto something, you "climb" up/down the wall, so it takes movement cards. You can stick to any surface for as long as your movement lasts. The Blue & Red footgear are notorious for this, because they don't have the powerup Z-G. If you end your movement more than one card above the nearest surface, you fall down.

Related to this, if you fall more than 1 card on a foe, you are knocked down but you also push that foe. Test your movement card vs a random card from their deck for the number of cards of knockback. No damage is taken.

A tactic that anyone can do to increase movement is Dash
If you play both L&R Footgear of the same color in the same turn, the second Footgear played gains +3 to Move. The two Footgear don’t have to be played sequentially, another action may take place between them. It is easier to remember to take the move bonus & tactic mode card if you do take them sequentially.

Movement & Z-G:
You must follow the turn order of (4) Move then (5) Attack. If you have Z-G, you may choose to take your movement after (6) Damage. If you have the rare Z-G2 power you can take a portion of your movement, attack, then finish your movement.

Z-G itself gives you an number of free vertical movement cards equal to your base movement. It also gives you the ability to fall as far as you want without falling down when you land. This effectively allows you to arc over things as tall as your horizontal movement, then float down from your maximum vertical height. If you land on someone, you don't get to knock them back because it's too soft a landing.

Tactic: Jump
If you have Z-G, you may “jump” from solid ground to solid ground. You may cross over pits, chasms and other falling hazards as long as you start and end your move on solid ground and your card(s) has the Z-G powerup.

Sorry, in the ZGXL if you don't have Z-G you can't jump. This is what house rules are for.

Movement & Attacking:
You can jump down on your foe from above to get the height advantage +1 armor piercing on HtH attacks. If you jump down more than one card and don’t attack with a Z-G card or have another Z-G card in your hand, you are knocked down immediately following your attack. Your opponent does not suffer the normal knockback falling on them would get you.

If your attacking card has Z-G and your foe dodges, you may immediately take as much unused Move as the card has remaining to Chase the Dodge. If this extra move places you within HtH range of the dodging foe, the dodge fails and you may conduct your attack test normally.


Penetrating attacks

Penetrating attacks are attacks that score 3+ strikes on the target card and then get to "continue" the attack on another target card from the same opponent's deck.

We had a game this weekend where it seemed like every attack was either 0 strikes or 3+. We had a whole team eliminated by 1st strike penetration attack ulster kills. This is a fine time to mention the benefits of having your ulster in your hand, protected from penetrating attacks by a low impulse (going last). The only way to hit your hand is via spending an action on the reflex substitute ability.

From the Battlebook:
Neither penetration nor Multicard attacks may be enhanced with any powerup, be it from a zGear or Mode card.

For example, if you use a Supercharge!! card to add a target card to your T-Laser’s attack, you may use the T-Laser’s Scan powerup vs. only one, not both, of your target cards.

Likewise, if your T-Laser scores 3 strikes vs. a target card you don’t get to use your Scan powerup vs. the penetrating attack target.

If you use a powerup like Knockback (whose effects depend on the number of matches you make) Penetrating or Multicard matches don’t add to the effects of the powerup. If you use a Knockback attack and score 3 strikes and then score only 1 match on the additional target card, you knock the foe back only 3 cards from the original target card.

Now lets assume you are hit by a penetrating attack. Once the 3 strikes, maneuvers, retests, etc are resolved and you still suffer a penetration, if you want to use your hero ability from your drive to undo that attack and save your gear you need to do it BEFORE you draw the next target card. Once you draw that second card (and it's your ulster, doh! you are allowed to look at the target card in all circumstances unless it is a sneak attack) you can't do anything to stop or modify the attack. Once you draw your target card the next attack has started. This is when the "no modifications" rule is in effect.

That's the power of 3 strikes!


Card Tests

Pulse Time 5 - ATTACK: After you move, you may attack a foe if you're in range.
+ZG allows you to take your attack before your move, but it is the only exception.
If your action card has Ø Range, you must be able to touch your foe’s figure with your attacking weapon. Read the name of your card’s attack, but don’t show the card to your foe. Then secretly choose which end you want to attack with. Place your card face down, with your attacking end facing the foe.

Press the spin button to spin the defending card.

Your foe then draws the top card from their deck, keeping it face down. The foe may examine their card. This card is your TARGET CARD. Your foe then SPINS the card to randomize the test.
If you're feeling lucky, after the spin the attacker may request a half turn.

Flip over your cards and compare the ends by aligning the 3 colored dots.

Example: Firefight Frontgear attacks Magnetron Generator- 3 Matches, 2 Strikes. SLAGGED! The Armor blocks the green strike, but not the match. The explosive cannot break armor. The Armor-Piercing has nothing to impact, so it is useless in this attack.

Count the number of dots that match up by color, if any. This action is called a TEST. Whenever one of the pairs of dots has the same color, it's called a MATCH.

* No matches: Your attack misses. Discard your action card back into your deck and take your next action, if any. If you want to retest, you need to do it before your next action.
This means that Deadshot!! may not be used if there are 0 matches, because it is a Time 6 - Damage maneuver card.
* 1 or more matches: Check for strikes.

Pulse Time 6. DAMAGE
: Once you’ve determined matches, compare the cards’ blazes. Blazes are the symbols on the dots. Matches without blazes are always strikes. Offensive blazes only are useful versus Defensive or Status Blazes.

Armor - Blocks the strike. Removed by Armor-Piercing. Explosive ignores armor when there is a weak point.

Weak Point - Add one strike when removed by explosive. Add two strikes when removed with AP.

Armor-Piecing - Removes 1 Armor per Armor-Piercing blaze. Add two strikes when removing weak point.
Explosive - Always a strike when removing weak point, regardless of color match or armor.

Now compute how many strikes you get, then look at the chart below:

* 1 Strike: TARGETLOCK: No damage, but you may target this card again with your next attack if you have actions remaining this turn.
* 2 Strikes: SLAG: Foe removes part from figure, discarding the card from play into their slag heap.
* 3 Strikes: SLAG & ATTACK AGAIN: Slag card, draw another target card from foe’s deck, attack again with the same card. This is called a penetrating attack. It is special because no powerups can modify the follow up attack.
*4 or more Strikes: SLAG, STUN & ATTACK AGAIN. Foe is also stunned; see Powerups.

Slagged cards may not be used for the remainder of the game. A RETEST would start this process over at Time 5- Attack.

After you resolve strikes with an action card immediately return it to your deck; this pulse is done. If you have unused Z-G or Z-G2 movement, you must take it now before your next pulse.