The Scion
"This is beneath me"

The dilettante offspring of the EGS' highest officials, these silver spoon terrors use their parents' influence to indulge their whims.

Privileged jet-setting sophisticates of Earth, the Exarchs form groups of spoiled rich kids who are in the habit of causing scandal and getting into trouble. Though not all of them are bored, thoughtless, bratty, thrill-seeking terrors, enough are to keep an entire sector of the media Consortia in business publishing their latest misadventures. Their wealth comes from trust funds and/or nepotistic positions in high-ranking political or consortium jobs. A very few have earned their own way through some precocious talent, but all have more credits than they know what to do with and are constantly seeking something to stave off the ennui of the fantastically wealthy and privileged.
Exarchs who behave themselves can actually do some good, operating philanthropic ventures funded by their parents or in other ways. Examples of these include social welfare foundations that provide food to the poor in a particular part of the Solar System; arts foundations that fund performance, music, or media; and antiwar or environmental political-action lobbies and groups that operate within and without of the EGS. These efforts tend to be ineffective at solving root causes of social ills, only temporarily ameliorating the symptoms of injustice and poverty. Petty one-upsmanship and jealous infighting are a constant occupation for Exarchs, as they try to outdo their upper-class friends through subtle plots, open hatred, and rumor-mongering. Exarchs mostly gain status amongst themselves by cutting each other down, though an especially well-thrown party or successful venture in art, politics, or aid can gain a modicum of respect. But the majority have no talent for such things, focusing instead on an intricate game of wit, betrayal, and scandal endlessly funded by their vast wealth.
Exarchs attend an ever-changing social circuit of parties and events at the latest hotspots throughout the Solar System. Another entire hospitality industry caters especially to these clients, always hoping that their bar or resort will be the next "in" location. Those who know, go. Not keeping up with this grueling lifestyle is taken as a sign of weakness, and an Exarch stands to lose reputation if he or she doesn't pull off an especially delicious scandal or coup on a rival.

Syndic Champion:
Argus Rockefeller Washington V, EGS Scion
Argus has been a spoiled terror since he was small, and he still flies into a rage when he doesn't get his way. He has taken to fighting in the ZGXL, as it gives him more excitement than his pranks, plots, and subterfuges amongst the other rich kids ever did. He always fights with the best equipment credits can buy. He also uses his family's connections to rig matches in his favor by bribing Arena technicians and zMarshals, hiring thugs to rough opponents up before a match, or just buying off dishonorable fighters who will throw the match for the right amount of credits.

Exarch Strongpoints:
Zodiac Club (Asteroid Belt, Grange),
Void Resort (Titan orbit, Grange),
It Bar (Earth orbit),
The Red Room (Dark Side Station, Luna),
Go-Go Lounge (Hollywood Megapolis Hive, North America)

Syndic Headquarters:
Real Thing Pleasure Bar (New York, Earth)

Sphere of Operations:
Exarch schemes against each other can take place nearly anywhere, embroiling anyone who will take their credits to do their bidding with no questions asked. However, Exarchs will never dirty their hands with any real work, keeping track of things remotely from their palaces and villas, or throwing parties at luxury resorts or the latest "in" clubs.

Relations Analysis:
Hostile: Monzon Ezut, Omniclone, Savant, Solon
Rival: Armada, Cestus, Cartel, Lunar, Mummer, Null Foundation, Paragon, Terran, Vanguard

Friendly: Consortium, Exotic, Freaker, Mavryk, Orbital, Skrag, Sleeper, Virago

Ally: Androgyne, Avatar, Protostar, Thesper, Trancer

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 5
Firepower: 4
Respect: 2 

Renown: 7

Syndic Drives: Cool, Pride, Verve 

Syndic Flaws: Arrogant, Fear, Reckless
Syndic Skills: Body, Glam, Pilot

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