The Ensign
"Eternal Vigil"

Emerald Guardians of Earth, the steadfast Armada adhere to a tradition of duty honor and sacrifice. Every young EGS citizen wants to grow up and fly the great ships of this elite force.

If Earth is the jewel of the Sol System, the Armada is the dragon that keeps guard over it. The Armada's pride, professionalism and obvious attention to duty give it a broader degree of respect than any other syndic — particularly the Armada's arch-rivals, the notoriously brutal Vanguard. The Armada takes enormous pride in its restraint, as well as in its fanatical efforts to protect Earth from destruction. No one forgets the horrors of the First Space War, and no one ever wishes Earth to be so threatened ever again. So the Armada keeps eternal vigil over the garden planet, and it is in the name of protecting that garden that it takes its most ruthless actions. Every child grows up dreaming of being an Armada Ensign, but only a very few are selected to attend the Space Academy. This school admits only teenagers, but its courses are all at the graduate level. In addition to being scholars, each recruit mans one of seven cadet ships, crewed only by their own, and constantly takes part in mock battles.

Syndic Champion: 
Jett Jaeger: The youngest Ensign in the history of the Armada, Jett is one of seven identical omniclone children and the son of a founding senator of the EGS. Jett grew up, along with his brothers, with the illustrious and infamous Pleadian Sisters (also seven omniclones). Blackballed from the fleet at age 16, but still revered among his peers, it was Jett who first won the "Condor Trophy" through his amazing piloting talent.

Armada Strongpoints: Terminus, Halfway, Jupiter Gun, The Orbital Academy, the Venus Fleet, Mercury Way

Base of Operations: Terminus Waystation, Earth Orbit.

Sphere of Operations: 
The Armada guards the Earth Gravity Sphere. Additionally, the Armada has extended its reach into the Grange. An EGS mandate forbids it from exerting any force or having any presence on Earth, but makes no mention of outer limits. The Armada is still enforcing a controversial and unexplained quarantine on Venus, allowing no ships to land on or leave the planet. It is also nearing completion of a Waystation in the Jovian system, one bearing the ominous name of "The Jupiter Gun."

Relations Analysis:
Hostile: Cartel, Mavryk, Mummer, Null Foundation, Skrag, Virago, Trancer 

Rival: Exotic, Lunar, Monzon Ezut, Omniclone, Vanguard, Thesper

Friendly: Androgyne, Avatar, Cestus, Consortium, Exarch, Freaker, Protostar, Savant, Sleeper, Solon, Terran

Ally: Paragon, Orbital

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 8

Firepower: 10
Respect: 9

Renown: 8

Syndic Drives: Duty, Honor, Pride

Syndic Flaws: Obsession, Shame, Fear

Syndic Skills: Command, Gunnery, Pilot

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