The Luminary
"It is I."

A multimedia icon, the Avatar parades down runways, ZG aisles, red carpets and wherever the cameras roll.

Some people value power, others credits. To Avatars, these goals are but means to an end: fame. Fame on a system-wide scale. To have their names on the lips of every member of humanity is their fondest dream, and Avatars will burn every ounce of talent and luck they can muster to launch their stardom and keep it burning like a supernova.
Avatars have a myriad ways of attracting attention to themselves. Some are singers and musicians, some are visual artists with coveted masterpieces in a variety of mediums, and some are experience designers whose works take place only within the sensoriums of their devoted followings. Some Avatars have talent, others are mere poseurs catching a ride on the latest trend. All of them know the show must go on, no matter what. This lends a determined, if sometimes reckless, element to their actions; if they're lucky, they receive the success and fame they desire.
Avatars come from any part of the Solar System, from the Grange to the heart of Earth's gardens. A loose union of artists' courtesy exists, enforced by favors during the best times and petty revenge at the worst. Some Avatars have managers and agents who by turns help and cheat their charges. Media consortiums provide an avenue for massive exposure at the price of draconian contracts that dictate all aspects of the Avatar's life, including mandatory body alteration and product placement in every conceivable way.
In the end, nothing matches the exhilaration of being in front of an audience and receiving their fans' adulation. All their effort pays off in the moment when they become godlike to their fans. Any price is worth the fame, but fame is fleeting, and Avatars must constantly work to keep their name in lights.

Syndic Champion:

The scion of a long line of famous entertainers dating back to the 19th century, Euphonous is at the apex of her fame. Billions vicariously experience her exploits in all media, including music albums, live performances, spool comedies, dramas, and thrillers, and tune in every day to her System-wide broadcast variety show, Euphonous Live. Her personality and looks have been licensed for everything from android sexfex to virtual personal-finance agents. When the ZGXL began to take off, Euphonous trained with Barnabas Bailey himself in a massively popular Z-G Bootcamp spool series. Now her matches draw a crowd of admirers, regardless of her wins or losses in the arena.

Avatar Strongpoints:
Hollywood Megapolis Hive (North America),
Umbilical Galaxy Stadium (Africa),
Space Cathedral Entertainment Center (Earth Orbit),
Mare Infinitus Stadium (Mars),
The Ring Entertainment Center (Saturn)

Base of Operations: 
Wherever they slept last night.

Sphere of Operations: 
Entertainers all, Avatars try to be everywhere at once, exposing themselves to the spotlight and spreading their fame through tours, personal appearances, concerts, spool dramas, scandals, awards appearances, society parties, and more. Many have media contracts that keep them constantly traveling, as their retinue searches for the trendiest places for them to appear and maximize their fame.

Relations Analysis: 

Hostile: Mavryk, Mummer, Omniclone, Skrag 

Rival: Lunar, Monzon Ezut, Savant, Trancer 

Friendly: Armada, Cartel, Cestus, Consortium, Exotic, Freaker, Null Foundation, Orbital, Paragon, Sleeper, Solon, Terran, Vanguard, Virago 

Ally: Androgyne, Exarch, Protostar, Thesper

Power Levels (1-10) 

EGS Influence: 7 

Firepower: 2 

Respect: 2 

Renown: 10

Syndic Drives: Ambition, Cool, Pride

Syndic Flaws: Arrogance, Obsession, Reckless
Syndic Skills: Body, Glam, Melee

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