The Extremist
"Earth is for humans."

This hateful, ruthless partisan seeks to purge exotics, clones, mummers, androgynes and other deviants.

In the 22nd century, the world is a very different place than that of our forefathers. Modern humans see a world filled with wonders and miracles. There are many that can see a world filled with terrors and blasphemy. Life is no longer simple in the ways that matter. It's from this that that Terrans, as they have called themselves, derive their strength. The syndic that has co-opted the name of humanity's home planet of Terra is a radical organization that styles itself a group of freedom fighters. Devoted to the purity of an earlier age, the Terrans have one of the most far reaching and powerful syndics in all of the Solar System.

The core constituency of the Terrans are the dispossessed. Impressionable youth and the working poor who seek more control over their life. They are the fingers, eyes, and ears of the Terran warmachine. They receive orders that rarely are self-explanatory or clear, but very simple. The cellular nature of the organization keeps it running despite the constant attention of the EGS secret police, the Monzon Ezut. The upper echelons have been infiltrated, but the leadership has never even been close to capture.

Everyone has heard the broadcasts of the soft spoken, charismatic bigot, Mike. The leader of the Terrans is a well known figure, but often supposed to be a construct. You won't find a Terran that admits it, but his words of hate and intolerance often are much more extreme than they are comfortable with. Terrans do not often hate the whole gamut of deviant behaviors found in the zCosm. The average Terran has a single burning hate that drove them into the arms of "The Movement", but deviating from the party line earns them the scorn of their cellmates, and sometimes worse.

The upper ranks of the Terrans are where the truly dangerous people live. These hardcore purists are financed by the movement in private, heavily armed, and guarded enclaves. Most are located in the newly revitalized Saharan Plains of North Africa. The most select are shipped to their secret training camp on the harsh planet Mercury never to return to the Earth. These elite fighters are sent into the grange to sow destruction among the newtypes.

Syndic Champion: Salt of the Earth
The highest rated heel in the league, Salt is the leader of the ZGXL's ratings board. Often in conflict with the Skrags, Salt has few friends in the league. Nothing brings in more viewers than good grudge match, and Salt's list of grudges gets longer near daily. Salt's crushing melee blows and high powered zone attacks make him the master of urban combat, but the use of largely non-ZG gear leaves her vulnerable to high flying adversaries.

Syndic Strongpoints:
The Homosapien Institute (Alexandria, Mediterrainia)
The Strong Family Initiative (Darwin, Australia)
NexCleanse Training Camp (St. Quadragesimus' Landing, Mercury Terminator)
NeuEarth (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
ForceOrg (Internet)

Syndic Headquarters:
DeathHaus (Internet)

Sphere of Operations: Although the Terrans might be fighting for the purity of earth, it does not mean that they are located there exclusively. There are many exiled Terrans that fight for mother earth despite never being able to return.

Syndic Drives: Pride, Force, Ambition
Syndic Flaws: Obsession, Vengance, Stubborn
Syndic Skills: Body, Command, Melee

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