Null Foundation

The Initiate
"The Way cannot be told."

This illegal cabal of scientists secretly plots to speed the progress of the human race by increasing complexity. Space is but the first step...

An organization with many faces, the Null Foundation’s public image is that of a philanthropic institution dedicated to the colonization of the Solar System through advances in technology. This is entirely true, but merely the tip of a colossal iceberg that exists below the surface. Their enemies think that they intend to rule humanity through subtle political manipulation and piecemeal introduction of new technologies. These enemies (mostly the leadership of the Monzon Ezut, Consortium, Solon and other Syndics with System-wide ambitions) claim that already the Null Foundation’s memetic engineering attacks the status quo and leads humanity down a path that ends with the overthrow of the EGS. This, too, is largely true. But it is only the smallest part of what the Null Foundation has in store.
In actuality, the Null Foundation is a loose network of scientists, artists, politicians, intellectuals, and financiers who solve problems in exchange for favors. The bulk of Null Foundation’s resources are ephemeral, but no less real than the budgets of the EGS bureaucracies. In fact, if push came to shove the EGS might find itself hard pressed to defend against the resources the Null Foundation could marshal from within the Armada, Vanguard, and Cestus themselves! The core group of founders is rumored to be the team that invented Zero Gravity technology, and if this were true their resources would be vast indeed. One personality is known to associate closely with the affairs of the Null Foundation: Dr. Emilio Lazar. Famed for his neuro-lingustic programming that computed the Z-G theoretical models, Lazar is known to be over 120 years old, but is not yet wanted as a Virago. He hosts elite salons on Dark Side Station that the most creative and brilliant personalities in the System clamor to attend. Media stars, political powerhouses, business magnates, and science visionaries attend for the engaging conversations, inspiration, and peerless connections. Operating much like secret societies or social clubs of the nineteenth century, these salons are cross-pollination sessions that seem to put into practice the mimetic engineering principles that Dr. Lazar invented. If the Null Foundation has any fascist or totalitarian goals, there is little evidence to suggest it; nor are there any who have proof that they employ criminal methods like theft, extortion, or blackmail to get what they want. An enigmatic organization that exists on the fringe of human though and effort, the Null Foundation is known to help those in need whose skills or resources in turn can be used later. Failing to make good on a favor rarely results in direct consequences, but those that renege on a Null Foundation member calling a debt due usually find they come into hard luck sooner or later.

Null Foundation Champion
Usually encountered by those who have a dire need but can’t find anywhere to get what they need to farther their goals, Ari appears in the back of a sleek hoverlimo, just in time to save the new Null Foundation member’s bacon. Charming and personable, Ari is the epitome of a fixer – someone able to find anything two people want on short notice and profit from the exchange. She used to be a zFighter in the Shadowleague but quit to pursue her role as guardian angel extraordinaire to those deemed worthy by the Null Foundation. She will be the first to remind her “partners” that nothing is free – especially her services. She’s rarely been crossed or reneged upon, and her taste for revenge is rumored to be both poetic and painful.

Null Foundation Strongpoints:
Ø Salon (Dark Side Station, Luna),
Null Foundation Philanthropy Tower (Diadar, Earth),
Ø Lab (Nemesis Station near Sol),
Club Nullity (Asteroid Belt),
Trance Station (Jupiter Orbit)

Null Foundation Headquarters: Unknown.

Sphere of Operations
The Null Foundation is known to have connections and agents everywhere in the Solar System. They usually have a spy or informant, if not someone who actually is leading the effort, in any project that involves experimental technology, especially if that technology would make it easier for humans to survive and explore space. As such, basic and applied research into the fringes of faster-than-light vehicles, multidimensional universe theories, nuclear physics, quantum computing, nanotechnology, cosmology, cybernetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and so on draw their notice, support, and funding.

Relations Analysis
Hostile: Monzon Ezut, Omniclone, Solon, Vanguard
Rival: Cestus, Exarch, Lunar, Mummer, Paragon, Savant, Terran, Thesper
Friendly: Armada, Cartel, Consortium, Freaker, Mavryk, Orbital, Skrag, Sleeper, Virago
Ally: Androgyne, Avatar, Exotic, Protostar, Trancer

Power Levels (1-10)
EGS Influence: 7
Firepower: 7
Respect: 7
Renown: 7

Psych Profile
Syndic Drives: Ambition, Heart, Reason
Syndic Flaws: Obsession, Stubborn, Vengeance
Syndic Skills: Alertness, Engineer, Gunnery, Martial-Z, Savvy, Stealth

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