The Rebel
"Get off my moon!!"

Former prisoners in the Lunar Penal Colonies, these radicals actively incite dissent against the EGS. They'll stop at nothing to put an end to the Exile laws.

The EGS has colonized the Moon over the last century with miners, criminals, and low-wage manufacturing workers. The factories of Luna manufacture more than 60% of all products sold on Earth itself. The EGS government taxes these imports, yet the Exile laws prevent Lunar citizens from ever setting foot on the surface of Earth. Luna is represented in the EGS Senate, but even the smaller Earth-based interest groups dwarf its power there. Because of this basic disparity dissatisfied Lunar citizens (and other opportunists) created the Lunar Liberation Front, a movement that seeks the independence of the Moon from Earth by any means necessary. EGS operatives and anti-independence media have termed them "Loonies."

While the actual membership of the LLF is relatively small, nearly half the population of the Moon, from CEOs to Cestus Mercs to blue-collar sweatshop workers are sympathetic to the cause. Others in the Grange support the Loonies as well: everyone who has a bone to pick with the EGS bureaucracy would love to see Luna secede and thereby cripple Earth's economy (the tariffs on Lunar imports fund 40% of the collective EGS yearly budget). A web of Consortium ties, legislative relationships, and the combined might of the Cestus, Vanguard and Armada keep this from happening, but it is these ties that Lunar Rebels have vowed to break.

Most Rebels keep their membership a secret, but a few operate openly, seeking to remedy the situation from within the system through lobbying and propaganda. Others take a more direct approach, using sabotage, terrorism, and other methods to drive their point home. Riots and uprisings on Luna are a weekly occurrence, and the Monzon Ezut are kept extremely busy tracking and neutralizing Lunar Rebel threats to the status quo. The ruling Cestus Trustees minimize and downplays these violent clashes, a difficult task in the media savvy 22nd century. Citizens of Earth keep themselves purposefully ignorant of the mounting tension, but if the LLF can pull off a particularly spectacular act of rebellion they might be able to effect some change.
The Rebels fund themselves however they can, taking donations from supporters under the table and stealing material from the EGS when they can. They fund a few Avatars and several zFighters in the ZGXL and in the Shadowleague who deliver the message of Lunar Liberation whenever they can in the media. These individuals are constantly harassed by Solons and the Monzon Ezut, but believe their troubles only add to their stature as martyrs for the cause.

Syndic Champion: 
"Blue Tiger" Lau Tai-Muk

Lau grew up working the factory with the rest of his family, another cog in the wheel of Lunar industrialism. At the age of thirteen a fellow classmate awakened him to the LLF cause. Since that time he has dedicated himself to Lunar independence. One of the most visible elements of the movement, he fights in the ZGXL Lunar Circuit and donates his winnings to the cause. He is known for his ferocious fighting style, and his zGear is stylized with blue tiger stripes. He has also been known to ferment riots on the Moon, and has been tagged by Monzon Ezut as the leader of a rebel cell that continually hijacks transports and their cargo.

Lunar Strongpoints: 

Centre for Lunar Independence (Moon Base Alpha, Luna),
Lunar Embassy (Ireland, Earth),
LLF Asteroid Base (Asteroid Belt),
FREE LUNA Bar (Dark Side Station)

Lunar Headquarters: 
LLF Asteroid Base (Asteroid Belt)

Sphere of Operations: 
The Lunar rebels operate in the media, on the Moon, in Earth orbit, and on Earth itself to publicize their cause, sabotage EGS interests, and sow dissent for the status quo. LLF cells conduct riot incitement, bombing, sabotage, hijacking, and space piracy to fund themselves and to further the cause through terrorism and agitation anywhere they can target EGS interests.

Relations Analysis 

Hostile: Cestus, Monzon Ezut, Omniclone, Savant, Solon, Terran
Rival: Androgyne, Armada, Avatar, Consortium, Exarch, Mummer, Paragon, Protostar, Vanguard 

Friendly: Exotic, Freaker, Mavryk, Orbital, Sleeper, Trancer, 
Ally: Cartel, Null Foundation, Skrag, Thesper

Power Levels (1-10) 

EGS Influence: 1 

Firepower: 4 

Respect: 7 

Renown: 5

Syndic Drives: Heart, Pride, Resolve 

Syndic Flaws: Reckless, Stubborn, Vengeance
Syndic Skills: Body, Command, Pilot

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