Character: Yowuya Matago® – Child of the Matago Corporation

Background, Private/OOC:
Female, born to the Matago Corporation, Orbital Jan 3. 2097, assigned to Beta Crèche, Matago Halo5, Earth-Sun Lagrange point 5. Accelerated education approved by nursing governance board. Subject exhibits excellent absorption and retention of standard materials. Subject exhibits leadership qualities and good communication, e.g. Class president through basic; numerous competitive speaking placements. Accelerated curriculum completed to College Level. Transported to Sino-Australia Arcology second semester, 2106 for Aeropagus prelims, Average scores. Exiled September 3, 2109 for extra-league ZGXL competition. Non-normative behavior, 3 standard deviations. Minor infractions totaling 16 demerits.

Exile week: Exact whereabouts unknown. At sea off Australian coast, all tracking implants disabled via unknown means.

Summary recommendation:
Permanent and irrevocable termination of MATAGO-EGS corporate officer track, transition to MATAGO-Grange administration, high standing.

Background, Public/IC:
She is cold, argumentative and selfish. Yow is 150cm (5ft), 35kg (75lb) soaking wet, but a stubborn fighter in the ring. A dyed-in-the-wool child of the Matago corporation she uses primarily the rugged mining gear that Matago is famous for producing. She keeps a small book detailing who owes her favors and why. She has good credentials with the Matago corporation; she's probably a junior officer or manager trainee.

Mode Deck:
Primary Design Card: Consortium
Secondary Design Card: Expert Leader
Tertiary Design Card: Ambition


Goals:(* current goal)
Expert Fighter
Ares Lode
Grendel Lode
State of the Art Blue Gear (Feet, Front, Loader Claw, Shield, Ulster)

Basic Red Helmet (found, virtual match)
Superior Green Frontgear (stolen, Monzon Ezut Issue)
Superior Blue Shield (c40 @ zGearGo)
Basic Blue Feet (c20 x 2 @ zGearGo)

c19 hard EGS currency
Diary / Book of grudges
Ego Lode - Basic Matago Corp. Artifex + Personal Librarian Artifex

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