Dark Side Station

Never in human history has there been a more foul and distasteful collection of the dregs of humanity than Dark Side Station. Located in lagrange point two, the point to gravitational stability perpetually on the far side of the Moon, Dark Side Station has become a haven for those who wish to remain within the borders of the EGS, but free from its overt control and influence.

Lurking in its darkened corridors are Mavryks and hustlers, Cartel wiseguys and syndicate factors. No one rules Dark Side Station, its original founders having been scared off years ago. Periodically the Armada attempts to place a Viceroy and a garrison of troops on board, but somehow this never comes to pass. Most people speculate that those who control the illicit activities here must have friends in very high places.

The station itself is a huge mélange of ships, hubs, asteroids, and spare parts. Anyone and anything is allowed to attach onto any ship that gives its permission, and within certain clusters of ships it is said you can find nearly anything – perhaps even an old Gemini capsule or a hive of mummers. Always in danger of being torn apart by different gravitational forces, somehow the disparate individuals working toward their own ends manage to keep the amalgam of ships together. Despite Dark Side’s population of nearly 3 million, in the last ten years only 3 near-catastrophic events have occurred, and at such times only about 10% of the total mass of the station was lost due to tidal forces.

Dark Side Station is best known for one thing: the yearly Z-G tournament that takes place here, which in turn takes its name from the station. The final tournament of the ZGXL, the largest Z-G professional league, the Dark Side Tournament attracts over 8 billion viewers from all over the Solar System. The final game of the Dark Side Tournament typically demonstrates the cold, calculating treachery and violence that are such hallmarks of this remarkable place.