Terminus Station

Terminus is the largest Waystation in the solar system, and currently has a population of over 20 million people. It began as simply a series of military supply and support ships around the “T1 Space Gun”, and has grown into an enormous Orb and Wheel, the veritable center of system wide trade.

The true center of Terminus is the Space Gun, one of only two that currently exist. Capable of shooting ships at near light speeds to any moon size or larger mass in the system (which then use that objects gravitation force to slow down) it was designed by the Armada as the premier line of defense for earth. Consisting of 7 concentric rings that are nearly 1000 meters in diameter, it uses control of gravitational forces to sling nearly any object at high fractions of light speed in nearly any direction. This makes the Gun a very dangerous weapon, and accordingly, the Armada defends it with all its might.

The space forces always have two squadrons of Iconnu Fighters stationed at Terminus for immediate launch through the space gun. These elite Armada ships are trained to intercept and then drag with them using huge magnetron generators any unknown or undocumented ship that is approaching the EGS. The station itself is has 7 battleships and over 10,000 troops stationed on it, such a massive collection of military might that it is impossible to imagine it being captured. Despite being so militarized, or perhaps because of it, Terminus is also a major center of trade.

Most of the ships that come to and from the Grange (especially the Asteroid Belt, where Terminus’s sister Waystation, Halfway is located) are shot through or captured by the T1 Space Gun. Thousands of ships pass through Terminus every day, and many of them stop for a quick drink, a fast deal, or to pay the EGS’s onerous taxes and duties.

Paranoia about the infiltration of nanovirii, bioplagues and other toxins into the EGS biosphere runs rampant on Terminus. Every ship that comes in from the Grange, whether shot in by the Gun at Halfway or coasting in under its own jets, must pass through quarantine at Terminus. This process consists of a high spectrum gamma ray bombardment of the ship, special disinfectant washes of the outside and inside of the ship, and cavity searches of all its crew and passengers. Many Grangers consider this to be intentional harassment and object vehemently, including diatribes against the short duration of their visas, 5 days. None are allowed on Earth itself, it would be considered to be too unclean by the fastidious EGS Citizens.

In every other way but biosecurity matters, the people of Terminus are notable for their open-mindedness, especially in comparison to Terrans on Earth. While they maintain a very good relationship with the Armada and the Vanguard (“after all, we are a military town”) they also consider themselves translators and intermediaries between Earth and the Grange. No matter what fashion or what passion, no matter where it hails, it is bound to have fans somewhere on Terminus. As a city based on trade, Terminus has no other choice but to welcome all creeds.

Connected to the Earth in the middle of the African continent, the Umbilical is an enormous 500-mile long, 1 mile diameter cylinder that connects Terminus to the Earth and enables energy efficient Z-G movement into and out of the Earth’s gravity well.