Vanguard Induction Ceremonies to be Held Despite Dust Storms.

17:34 EDT Camp Thermidor, Mars.

The Polemarch declared late monday morning that Legion "Hotel" Vanguard induction ceremonies will not be delayed despite the worst spring Dust Storm since the founding of the Camp Thermidor in 2021. Weather and Rad alerts have plagued settlements all over Mars due to numerous S4 solar events over the last 65 sols. Power and information blackouts are common during this high energy solar events, but the hardy Martians have yet to see a global GDP loss. Regionally, things are not so rosy. Both polar mines have been under lockdown for nearly an entire martian year. No information is known about their situation, but an aide from the Office of Martian Affairs in the EGS maintains that the official position is that
"Conditions are nominal, and no further speculation will be entertained."

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