Armada Scrambles to Intercept Rogue Cab

"I totally saw the Armada shooting from Terminus today... They blew up that guy's car like right there."
-Erica Sandal

Few would question the Armada's protective envelope around Venus these days, but we can easily forget that the lion lives at home too. Today a rarely witnessed fleet action was seen right on our doorstep here at Terminus. A speeding BlackCab was detected at 03:34 GMT on an unfiled flight plan towards Earth. It did not respond to Terminus flight control messages or Armada warning shots. At 04:00, the SkyCar and an unknown number of crew were shot down as they entered Terminus airspace. Terminus Sweepers were dispatched to deal with a large amount of debris. An estimate of fatalities is expected within the week. Any information about this incident will be rewarded ¢150 via the Solon anonymous tip line.
This is Tomo McKnight, ENN Terminus Station

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