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If you're getting this message, then can i hav ur bandwidth? The denial of service attack that started two weeks ago is only now starting to clear in the biggest networks. Been raking the spam out of my inbox for a week now. Despite essential services coming back online a few hours after the "accident," vid channels and friend location networks are STILL DOWN!!

Come clean, EGS, the so called "asteroid strike" was no doubt actually a new weapon test by the Monzonz that backfired. My friend Ersatz says he SAW a monzon on a strecher out in storage six and I heard on Cband that dozens of fresh launchies were lost in the decompression because they weren't wearing their ulsters. And if you think that this choad-load Mummer spam and the endless twisted spools of santo ASTAN(boooring) were uploaded by a bunch of homeless religious infectoids...

It is obviously a clever false flag operation by Solonz to obfuscate the fact that the Terminus network infrastructure is overloaded and out of date. They'll never silence the voices of the exiles! Yo buy my new single featuring MelTz and Celeria Cambrian!! and check out my new +++GiggaD+++ megadose vitamin supplements!!

Shreeker Screed, Unet Terminus Station

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