Movement & ZG

This section will discuss movement.
At it's basic level, you just lay down the number of cards you have in the movement stat on the card. You must follow the turn order of (4) Move then (5) Attack. Place them one at a time and you can't "take it back" once you set it down. When you move up onto something, you "climb" up/down the wall, so it takes movement cards. You can stick to any surface for as long as your movement lasts. The Blue & Red footgear are notorious for this, because they don't have the powerup Z-G. If you end your movement more than one card above the nearest surface, you fall down.

Related to this, if you fall more than 1 card on a foe, you are knocked down but you also push that foe. Test your movement card vs a random card from their deck for the number of cards of knockback. No damage is taken.

A tactic that anyone can do to increase movement is Dash
If you play both L&R Footgear of the same color in the same turn, the second Footgear played gains +3 to Move. The two Footgear don’t have to be played sequentially, another action may take place between them. It is easier to remember to take the move bonus & tactic mode card if you do take them sequentially.

Movement & Z-G:
You must follow the turn order of (4) Move then (5) Attack. If you have Z-G, you may choose to take your movement after (6) Damage. If you have the rare Z-G2 power you can take a portion of your movement, attack, then finish your movement.

Z-G itself gives you an number of free vertical movement cards equal to your base movement. It also gives you the ability to fall as far as you want without falling down when you land. This effectively allows you to arc over things as tall as your horizontal movement, then float down from your maximum vertical height. If you land on someone, you don't get to knock them back because it's too soft a landing.

Tactic: Jump
If you have Z-G, you may “jump” from solid ground to solid ground. You may cross over pits, chasms and other falling hazards as long as you start and end your move on solid ground and your card(s) has the Z-G powerup.

Sorry, in the ZGXL if you don't have Z-G you can't jump. This is what house rules are for.

Movement & Attacking:
You can jump down on your foe from above to get the height advantage +1 armor piercing on HtH attacks. If you jump down more than one card and don’t attack with a Z-G card or have another Z-G card in your hand, you are knocked down immediately following your attack. Your opponent does not suffer the normal knockback falling on them would get you.

If your attacking card has Z-G and your foe dodges, you may immediately take as much unused Move as the card has remaining to Chase the Dodge. If this extra move places you within HtH range of the dodging foe, the dodge fails and you may conduct your attack test normally.

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